Send us your pics

Are you an M.I.A. - a mequation in action?
Send us pictures of yourself simply doing something and being your self. Whether it's something good in your community like planting trees or helping old folks cross the street while listening to them talk about their old style too or if it's just you dancing alone, send it in and you just might appear on our site. Just make sure the act is something that defines YOU.

Each day, we will select one lucky customer to be featured on our front page "M.I.A." section.

To submit, just drop us an email:
1. The subject line should read "M.I.A. Picture."
2. File should be attached in jpg, gif, or bmp format.
3. Please include your name, age, location, and a 2-3 sentence description of the picture that we may include as a caption.

Send to contact [at]