What the heck is a mequation and how did it come about?

  • Well, the short of it is that late one night in the summer of 2004 we were watching a biography of Akira Kurosawa on PBS in which he was quoted as saying before his death, "I am my films - nothing more, nothing less." That idea that a person can define himself by his life's passion was a notion that really struck us. My memory is kinda blurry, but I think at that point one of us said "so his life's equation was 'me-films=0'." I'm not sure if it was said in jest or as an observation, but it stuck. We ended up jotting down hundreds of other 'mequations' in an endless stream of consciousness, and that's how mequations were born.

    Put simply, a mequation is a mathematical equation that defines you. If you feel there's something within you or something that you're nothing without, then you're lookin' at a mequation in them thar feelin's, partner.

Legend tells of mystical T-shirts that grant powers beyond all imagination. Are these the shirts?

What are the shipping methods and costs?

How can I pay for my purchases?

  • We can process your order using a credit/debit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Do you ship orders outside of the United States?

  • Yes, Mequations delivers to approximately 2 dozen international destinations. To get a complete overview of all of our international destinations, please review our shipping chart.

What is the return or exchange policy on your shirts?

  • If you are not satisfied with your Mequations purchase, we kindly ask that you contact us within 30 days to coordinate an acceptable solution. Please include your order number and a detailed explanation of the problem.

I like money. Can I promote your shirts on my website or blog?

  • We like the cut of your jib and we'd love for you to promote us, so we're working hard to get our affiliate program up and running. Stay tuned.

What is the printing method used to create these mind-blowing shirts?

  • We experimented with a couple different methods before landing on our current techniques. First, we employed Oompa-Loompas and Vermicious knids to transfer the digital prints using bitmap designs. In the end, it didn't work out because of their differing work ethics. All the Oompas-Loompas wanted to work and all the Vermicious knids wanted to eat them. Subsequently, we hired Doozers to do the work but that didn't work either because WE ended up eating all of their creations.

    Finally, we found a wonderful organization that met our high standards of quality and weren't at risk of being eaten. Our shop is powered by Spreadshirt, which means that we use their high-powered contraptions that enable high-tech methods of plot printing. This guarantees you the highest quality vector based designs using sharp color inks on even sharper American Apparel branded fabrics.

What charities do the profits go to?

Do you think it callous and presumptuous to assume you can help the world through T-shirts?

  • A wise man once said that the purpose of medium is not to solve problems and issues, but rather to shine a light. So that's what we hope our T-shirts and other apparel will do. By wearing the shirts, you'll be shining a light on messages and ideas. And those who see those messages may be affected by such ideas; we hope positively...And unlike clothes, messages/ideas don't easily tatter, fade, or shrink.

What are your company's strengths?

  • Accounts.

What are your company's weaknesses?

  • Eczema.

If a blonde white man throws a black stone into the Red Sea, what does it become?

  • Wet.